Boot Camp


I started my “boot camp” this morning at 5:30am!  I was a little worried last night because we went out with friends and I split loaded french fries and a brownie and ice cream with Randy.  Kinda like my last supper!

It wasn’t bad at all though.  We concentrated on upper body, but also did some jogging for cardio and a variety of exercises for core strength.  I bought the four week (up to five times a week) package through Living Social for $20.  Originally they had a 7am class listed along with the 5:30am and I had planned to go to the later class.  After I bought it they dropped the 7am class and when I tried to get a refund, Living Social basically said tough luck!  I have a friend who also had a problem with them.  I think Groupon has a better reputation.

You’re probably wondering what happened to my “Cave Woman–Paleo diet”.  Well…I read an article from NPR a couple of days ago comparing the low fat, low carb, and low glycemic diets and initial results show that the low glycemic diet is the best overall because it is the easiest to stick with for a life plan.  So…I can have bread again….ahhh!  I went and bought some “bad boy” at the farmers market yesterday!

To change the subject…we installed our “Magic Jack” landline phone and it works great!  So…for the cost of the gadget $65, we get our first year free.  You can’t beat that!!

I’m gearing up for the weekend.  We’re going to a street festival in old Milford (about 20 minutes from here) Saturday afternoon…followed by a huge party 300-400 people with 3 pigs roasted through my wine tasting meetup!  And on Sunday, we’re taking my nephew (who is 21 years old) and some of his friends out boating.

Let’s enjoy the last of the summer!!


16 thoughts on “Boot Camp

  1. You are one heck of an amazing gal. I “LOVE” following along on your amazing adventures AND, I learn how much is possible in life. For example, I’d have never thought a person could live through split loaded french fries and brownies with ice cream in the evening and then a 5:30 am workout. So, tomorrow I’m going to give it all a try 🙂 I wish you a beautiful rest of the summer.


  2. After a hellacious summer, I’m back and ready to sound a bit more like you, tough and ready to take on the world, and less like what I’ve been lately, a weepy willow! I’m back and ready to kick some life into my life. 🙂 Great post, boot camp…. I have a feeling you’ll nail it, and then some!


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