Lake Cumberland Poker Run 2012

Wow!  I just returned from an energized, crazy weekend at Lake Cumberland, Kentucky for their annual Poker Run.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with a poker run…it can be boats or motorcycles…that go from spot to spot to pick up a (playing) card and whoever ends up with the best poker hand wins.  I don’t know the exact rules…and don’t really care to know…because I was there to have FUN!

Our friend Ron invited seven of us to his family’s condo.  That’s him on the top right.  We hooked up with another six friends who were staying at two other condos on the lake.  We had three boats in total…

The forecast was for rain in the morning on Saturday, but to then clear up…which it did!  When we put the boat in the lake, we realized we had a boat mascot tagging along…

As we made our way to the party cove, the boats that were participating in the race began to fly by.  They were going fast…like 100 – 125 mph!  Although we were maybe 300-400 feet away, the roar of the engines was exciting!

It was difficult to get a good picture with my zoom lens because of the waves created by the boats…

Just as we arrived to the party cove, the sun came out in full force—as if to say “Party on”!

After tying up to other boats, it was time to watch the parade of interesting people and boats go by…

I was surprised there weren’t any accidents or problems…with somewhere around 2000-3000 people there – perhaps 500 boats…drinking and partying!

My arm was sore yesterday from throwing so many beads to people…

It was fun reading all of the boat names…

There were lots of law enforcement.  Our friend was stopped on the way to the cove and checked to make sure he had all of the required boat safety equipment on board!

There were some crazy people…

Doesn’t Randy look handsome?  Hours later, after dancing and throwing the beads, I think I sat down for a minute.

After all of the fun…the waves were crazy from the mass exodus of boats…

We timed it perfectly to view the beautiful sun set…

Something else I can check off of my bucket list!

27 thoughts on “Lake Cumberland Poker Run 2012

  1. I have absolutely no idea what a poker run is, but it does look like you had a lot of fun. Nothing like being on the sea, having fun and do crazy things… What happened to the Europe trip, by the way? Is it still in the air? 🙂


  2. Wow! That was a great day. It looked like so much fun and the weather cooperated.
    I haven’t been on a poker run in years. I use to belong to a Goldwing club and we had some great fun on poker runs. I never would have thought about being able to do it on a boat.


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