Simplify, Organize and Save Money


For Labor Day yesterday, I organized my bedroom closet and dresser.  It felt great to collect another pile for the Goodwill and since I went shopping on Sunday, I made room for the new additions–two new purses, three shirts, a pair of pants, and a short (packable) down coat.

It was actually in pretty good shape, but I rearranged things and put like items with like, etc.  I tried something new…hanging some of my purses (I don’t have that many anyway) and putting my dry cleaning in a bag on a hook (instead of under the chair in my closet).

I believe if you keep your house organized and clutter free that helps your mind stay that way too!

A couple of days ago I decided I didn’t want to pay for a “smart phone” any longer.  I’ve had a family plan with my son (who doesn’t live with us), my husband, and myself through Verizon.  Our plan was up a couple of months ago, so I went to AT&T, bought an inexpensive phone with a “sim” card and have 250 minutes a month at 10 cents a minute  (NO contract) and unlimited texting, for a total of $25 a month!  I’ve never liked texting….much prefer speaking to someone, but will embrace it with a new vigor!

Another advantage to having less talk time…

My husband just converted today!  I also bought a “Magic Jack Plus” so we’ll have a home phone again.  We gave that up about 5 years ago.  So…for an initial investment of $65 and a fee (I believe) of about $25-30 per year…we’ll have unlimited talking!  I didn’t feel guilty for buying the new clothes since I’ll be saving so much on phone service.

Here are some of the phones we’ve accumulated.  I need to give most of them to a recycling center!

We also went to see the movie — “The Odd Life of Timothy Green“.  At first it seemed quite whimsical, but we were both touched by it!


29 thoughts on “Simplify, Organize and Save Money

  1. Thanks for the good article on organizing closets. I’m always looking for new tidbits of info on how to handle closets…and drawers…and…! I am on a quest to simplify my home and my life, too, so your blog will be excellent for me! (And, thanks for following me, too!) Debb


  2. I used a Magic Jack Plus when I was serving in the Philippines and it was such a great blessing! I was able to call home and really help a friend in need and it was like we were both home, though I was thousands of miles away!


  3. I had the Closet Factory do ours back in the 90’s. Such a tiny master closet we had and the guest rooms/kids rooms had more space…just not fair! Good for you…it clears the mind and you can find stuff. Sometimes I fantasize about designing closets after I watched our designer pull off a miracle…shelves, baskets, cubbies, full length and half length. When I visited my sister–we did hers! All the stuff is at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Now for the kitchen…


  4. When I lived in UK and was on contract with my mobile I got a brand new every 12 months, have a draw full now and I work my way through them, have one still with my UK pay as you go sim card.
    Still on my second Nokia .. 10 year old model. Only want my phone to ring and send some text with.
    At home I use Skype and when it rings at home it rings on my net book too. I rent a landline number through them – brilliant and with unlimited landline calls in Europe it cost me $50 for 3 months and it goes by my broadband, but I don’t need to have the PC on. The best deal I ever made.


  5. The mobile phone plans are pretty expensive here in Spain, too. We also have a “sim only” deal, though we use our phones very little. We can´t have a land-line/home phone here because of the mountain terrain, but I use Skype via the internet for all my calls. Many of them are free (to other Skype users), even to friends in Australia or the USA, and if I need to call someone who doesn´t use Skype then I pay a fraction of what I would do using my mobile phone.

    It´s good to save money, isn´t it?


  6. You are the first to mention “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. It is one I would like to see but haven’t been able to muster any interest in anyone else.
    Phone issues have become very complicated for us. They are much more expensive here in Canada and the plans are pretty outrageous and complicated. We have tried the “no house phone” in the past and it ended up costing us a fortune. To be honest, my cell phone is more valuable to me as a camera now than a phone. 😉


    • I am having some withdrawals…seldom talking to my girlfriends…but when the magic jack gets here I’ll be able to. It is outrageous how expensive it is. I feel like I’m going back to the basics…but that’s O.K. with me. You should go see the movie yourself. You don’t talk in the movie anyway.


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