Lettuce Wraps and Scarves made from T-Shirts


As you know (if you’ve been following), I’m trying to eat according to the Paleo Plan.  I’ve found lots of healthy recipes on Pinterest.  Lately, I’m making lettuce wraps.  Last night it was a “Summer Shrimp and Mango/Tomato Salsa Wrap”…

I adapted it slightly from Marcus Samuelsson’s website.  I used less tomato, no jalapeno, Romaine lettuce and yellow onion…rather than Spanish onion.  I really enjoyed them.  My husband got a funny look on his face after taking a bite and asked what the yellow pieces were.  I laughed and told him they were mango.  My husband and I have already lost 3 lbs. in the last 10 days…even though we cheated big time over the weekend and he’s cheated at work quite a lot!

Although my husband hasn’t been wild about most of the wraps, he really enjoyed the Chicken with Apple and Grapes Wrap.  I made Sweet Potato fries the other night.  They’re baked…not fried and were quite yummy.  Tonight, I’m making an organic ground pork wrap with avocado/tomato salsa and Sweet Potato crisps!  The recipe calls for ground turkey, but I bought some pork from the farmer’s market last week and want to try it.

Last night after a 3 mile hike at East Fork Lake, we snacked on organic grapes!

I’ve been making scarves from old t-shirts and I bought a pack of three new ones from the dollar store for $2.00 each.  They’re so easy to make and I if you want instructions…go to Hello Giggles.  Seriously, they take less than 30 minutes to make.  I’m giving most of them away for no special occasion – just “I care about you” to my friends.  Here are some of them…

These three were made from my old t-shirts so they’re smaller than the ones on the Hello Giggles site.  The last one I cut the strips wider – that’s why it looks different.  They remind me a bit of necklaces.  You can hot glue broken jewelry, feathers, etc. onto them.  Get as creative as you want to!

Hope your day is spectacular!  I already went for a 3 mile jog today…going to get a mani/pedi that I have a discounted coupon for through Living Social and then off to the Loveland Farmer’s Market again for some grass-fed beef, fruits and vegies!


23 thoughts on “Lettuce Wraps and Scarves made from T-Shirts

  1. Mmm! Wraps! Never tried lettuce wraps, but I wouldn’t mind giving ’em a go.
    Those t-shirt scarfs – COOL! I am NOT crafty at all, and I’m sure I’d find a way to screw that up. Maybe I can convince GF to give it a go.


  2. The food doesn’t sound too much like me (and definitely NOT the husband) but I might just toy with those scarves when Winter comes(perish the thought!) and I don’t need my T’s.


  3. wow … our famous Swedish Chef … over there … once the executive chef of Aquavit in NYC. He do some spectacular food. Your photo of those wraps – are scrumptious – fantastic. I like you T-shirt adventure. The middle one .. my favorite – looking good … in all 3.


  4. I’m so excited to read about your Paleo experiences. I just started my second week of the diet and I have so much energy. It was hard to give up sugar in my coffee, but my inner cave woman likes it better this way.
    I loved the black and white scarf. I’m going to have to ransack my closet tonigh!


  5. I love reading about your healthy eating, as I want to incorporate more healthful foods into my life. Healthy foods are just as appetizing as the “junk” that I eat way too much of. I may have to create a healty recipe board on Pinterest, so I will be able to easily get to the ones I like. It’s all in what we get used to. 🙂


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