A Bounty of Awards

I’m feeling quite blessed with all of the positive feedback I receive from those of you that read my blog.  I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but in my daily life, I don’t typically receive this quantity of feel good strokes!  So…I’m feeling good!!  It is time consuming to maintain a blog, but if you love it, then as the saying goes, it doesn’t feel like work!

Because I’ve received awards in the past and answered questions, etc. etc., I’m handling these a little bit differently.  I’ll give credit to the bloggers and hope that you check them out!   Each of these women have their own unique style and I know you will discover inspiration, information, beauty and humor from them!

Four Blue Hills – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Zen Girl – Sunshine Blogger Award

Running Thriver – Very Inspiring Blogger and Sunshine Awards

Restless Jo – 7 x 7 Link Award

Photography by Joylene – Sunshine Award

Thank you again and if you’d like my autograph, perhaps I can come and visit you! 

Sending peace and joy to you…



23 thoughts on “A Bounty of Awards

  1. It is rare for any in their daily life to receive much feel good encouragement and accolade. Perhaps it is why I am hooked on blogging now. So wonderful that you are giving back!
    I, as well as you, am surprised at the outpour of encouragement and positive feedback. Some from very unlikely sources. My ex “other halves”, who never presented much “way to go” pats-on-the-back while I was with them, have turned into my biggest fans and cheerleaders… go
    figure! I am at an age that it shouldn’t matter and should not need any positive feedback from anyone. Yet, it does matter and I do need it. So this blogging world is a blessing even when it demands so much of my time.


    • I know what you mean! It is nice to be recognized and have loving people around you and to do and be the same! Not to say I don’t–here in my life…it’s just not as reliable perhaps! That’s funny that your ex’s are some of your biggest fans!


  2. Congrats and lovely job…I can not wait to read your travels in Africa…please tell us what it is like to step out of the truck or vehicle and what color the water is over there as in rivers. Good Luck!


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