St. Paddy’s Day Party Bus

Yesterday was a fun-filled day spent drinking, eating, talking, dancing, listening to music, taking photographs and being silly with friends!

Nine of us were shuttled around on a party bus to a variety of Irish Pubs located throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  My two friends (since 8th grade), who are sisters, invited me to go.

We took some food and drinks on the bus and as you can see, there were poles to hold onto…or to dance with.  We hit the road about 12:30pm and the party began.  I gave a few people foot rubs.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t complete without men in kilts, bag pipes and beer!

I love interacting with people and taking photos of them is a great way to do it!  Every one was in a great mood and there were some really interesting costumes/people.

Everyone wants to know what’s under a kilt…so Joy, who I just met yesterday (she’s a lot of fun), gave us a peek…

This guy’s beard is real!  I had a hard time finding something green in my wardrobe.  I love green…but maybe it’s a carry-over from being in the military and having to wear green for 4 years straight!

Even the wee ones are so festive!

Love…Love…Love…Happy people!!

I thought this girl’s necklace was quite pretty!

As we were walking to another pub…we passed this older woman, who was standing there with a walker.  She was really in the spirit!

More happy (and cute) people…

This lady had on arm sleeves that look like tatoos!

I particularly like this photo…her bottom half is the next one…

It was fun to stop people on the street and ask for their photo…

After a couple of drinks…everyone is your best friend!

That’s Joy’s face in this photo…

Here’s all nine of us…

Even the kitchen guys were happy!

Everyone was impressed with my pole dancing skills…it was my first time and today my wrist hurts.  Oh well…it was worth it!

Tomorrow we’ll return to our originally aired broadcast…the European whirlwind trip…to the City of Corfu, Greece!

24 thoughts on “St. Paddy’s Day Party Bus

  1. What a fun idea! All the fun and leave the driving to someone else. I will have to find a pair of those tattoo sleeves for next year. As it is I have no lack of things to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. There are those who say I have too many. Heheheheh!


  2. Great party … great day .. great photo – great post … I think US are wilder celebrating Daddy’s day – then they are on Ireland, even if they do a pretty good job of it too. Thanks for sharing.


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