The Passages of Venice

Our ship arrived in Venice in the early afternoon and I had purchased a ship run shore excursion to the Murano Glass Factory and a touristy gondola ride.  It was my birthday…so I treated myself!

Our Gondolier was a handsome man and friendly!  Gondolas are hand-made using 8 different types of wood (fir, oak, cherry, walnut, elm, mahogany, larch and lime) and are composed of 280 pieces.  The Gondolier profession has been a male dominated one until just recently in 2009, when the first female gondolier began working!



Venice was exactly as I pictured it…although we didn’t have much time to explore the outer reaches.  We were told by our tour guide that many Venetians have moved from Venice because of the increased cost of living due to the influx of tourists!


I chose a restaurant along the main canal to have dinner (the photo below shows the view from our table) and we were about ready to leave when my traveling companion slipped to the waiter that it was my birthday.  He said, “Don’t go anywhere…stay there…I’ll be right back!”


A few minutes later he burst out of the restaurant with a few other waiters and began singing Happy Birthday…loudly…carrying a dish of Tiramisu and two small glasses of Limoncello.  I thanked them profusely and we savored the treats!  I really enjoy the desserts in Europe.  They don’t seem as sweet as desserts in America!

   As dusk is coming…a subtle change seems to move through the air.


They look quite relaxed and handsome!


Our ship stayed docked overnight…so we returned in the evening.  The following day was the only off-weather day during our entire three weeks in Europe and if you can believe it…I decided to stay on board!  Although Venice was beautiful and charming…I don’t know that I would return…there are too many other places on my list!

57 thoughts on “The Passages of Venice

  1. I took a trip back in time with you to Venice; circa 2012. Gorgeous buildings, sights and the gondolas on the water simply perfect memories from your travels. Thank you for sharing, Sherry. 🙂


    • Venice was quite touristy. It’s not authentic the way it used to be…because costs of living there have gotten too high for the locals to live there any longer. But it is still beautiful! Thanks very much!


  2. It feels like you have been able to capture the essence of Venice. And I like that you experiment with tilted horizons in your pictures. Creates quite different pictures. Must have been a great trip. I have never tried going by gondola. Your pictures makes me want to do it next time.


  3. I don`t know why, but it`s difficult to picture a woman gondoliere!! I`ve visited very beautiful places but I always think that the world is wide and there are so many beautiful places to see that I cannot come back to the same city or town or location.


  4. I know what you mean about the way the deserts taste different in Europe, I think we probably use more basic and less refined ingredients than many American chefs do. Either that or less sugar!


  5. Looks fabulous! Even though I have heard that Vernice is very touristy, I have always had a little fantasy about riding in a gondola with someone special – seeing your lovely photos helps me keep the dream alive:)


  6. You’ve done a great job of capturing Venice. It’s a great place to try to get lost because you can’t. I associate walking the streets and going around the corner to opening an a present. Well done!


  7. Wonderful beautiful amazing Venice! Your pictures are beautiful and I love the information about the gondoliers. Guiding those boats must be a great workout, they all look so trim!


  8. The photos remind me of a hindi song ‘Do lafzon ki’ shot in Venice. It also has the gondolier singing in Italian ‘amore mia….’
    The place looks so romantic.


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