Island of Capri

I decided to pay Royal Caribbean the $150 to go on their organized shore excursion, since I had arranged all of my previous excursions.  Once the cruise ship docked in Naples, Italy, I boarded a small boat and was stepping onto the small island of Capri within 45 minutes.

We boarded a bus for a unique ride to Anacapri, that took us up skinny, winding roads, past lovely guesthouses/villas and finally dropped us at a chair lift that takes you to the top of the island.  During the chair lift ride, I was twisting and turning to take photos of the dramatic vistas!


I love the excitement of being somewhere new and so very beautiful!  The views were spectacular!  You’ll notice these photos aren’t as clear and crisp as my others…there was a haze in the sky and I had borrowed someone’s camera, since mine mal-functioned.

Island of Capri

Island of Capri

Island of Capri

PICT1017 PICT1027

Our tour guide was Italian.  I asked to take his photo and he insisted on one with both of us in the photo.


Perhaps I am generalizing here…but it seems Italian men have an air of confidence and know when to take charge!  Or maybe, they try to take charge all of the time.

He led our group for a stroll through the exquisite and colorful “Gardens of Augustus“.

It was very soothing and almost like a retreat!

Gardens of Augustus

Gardens of Augustus

After our tour of the gardens, it was fun window shopping and I eventually found a seat at a quaint sidewalk cafe, and ordered a deliciously chilled Limoncello!


Don’t tell anyone, but I also bought a bottle of wine to sneak on the ship and I wasn’t the only one.  When on-board drinks are $8-9 each, it’s the smart thing to do.

One of my doctors has been there and said the hiking is great.  Although Capri is gorgeous, it was very crowded and touristy.  If I were to return, I would prefer to explore other areas of the Island and hopefully escape some of the crowds!

Tomorrow, we sail to Venice!

35 thoughts on “Island of Capri

  1. All those flowers sure look good to me especially at this time of year when I’m impatient for spring to come. The photos you took were well worth all the twisting and turning you did in the chairlift. Beautiful!


  2. We took a nearly identical tour of Capri
    A few years ago when we sailed on Norwegian
    Cruise Lines. Loved Capri. Not sure how you
    Got your wine aboard without them “storing” it for you.—we had to go through security every time we re-boarded after a day of touring.


    • Actually, I managed to sneak it aboard three times. The first time I poured it into a water bottle that I was carrying. The second time, in a water bottle stored in my day bag and the third time I was even bolder. I just left it unopened and wrapped in a towell in my bag. Somehow the x-ray monitor didn’t detect it, or since there was a line, they didn’t want to take the time.


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