Making Art is Fun

I took two more art classes…this time from a man named Greg Storer.  It was another Living Social deal.  Myself and a lady were the only two in the first class and the second one was yesterday, which had about 12 attendees.  I feel like I received more instruction this time…a few tips on mixing colors and application techniques.   I had to rush at the end of the first painting…that’s why the purple looks a little funny on the water.

The important thing is if you’re having fun!

Today is a beautiful sunny day…60 degrees…so I’m headed out to jog and take a bike ride!  Enjoy your day!!

13 thoughts on “Making Art is Fun

  1. I love them! Painting for me has always been something I get lost in……..I hadn’t picked up a brush in many, many year and then last summer I took a couple of months of classes and the spark has been rekindled. Are these paintings acrylics or oils? I paint with oils and love working wet on wet.


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