Painting Wine Glasses

Yesterday was a fun day!  I arranged for some of my girlfriends to get together and take a wine glass painting class.  Living Social had a deal for $15 per person.  I brought some wine so we could loosen up as we painted!  Jen (the artist) had some snacks for us.  Here we are before we started painting…and drinking…

We spent about 1 1/2 hours being creative.  Having looked at some examples on Pinterest first, I found it easier to become inspired.  If you made a mistake or didn’t like the direction you were headed in, you could wipe it clean with alcohol.  You’re supposed to wait 24 hours and then bake them at 325 for 40 minutes.

Our conversation was as colorful as our glasses!

April and Gina and their lovely creations…

I particularly liked the dot theme that Cindy and Dee chose…

I think Jen (the artist) enjoyed herself as much as we did…

I wanted a photo of us all holding our glasses and at first we were prim and proper and then Jen suggested we liven things up…so we did…

Thank God for girlfriends!!

22 thoughts on “Painting Wine Glasses

  1. SO cute and I love the photos (and I’m not trying to suck up, but I did like yours best!)
    btw, is there ANY way we could literally talk and you can tell me how to use pinterest?? I am so embarrassed that I don’t have a single thing on my board, but I can’t get my pin thing to work!!
    THANKS, Sherry!!


  2. That looks like a lot of fun. My sisters and I had a couple of sessions like that, making dolls from scraps of ribbon and cloth, using a tiny inverted clay pot for the body and a wooden ball for the head. Your wine-glass painting reminded me of that. Loads of laughs. Lots of fun.


  3. Sounds like fun! Was this on your home turf?
    I have trouble generating blog worthy material when i’m not traveling. I find myself posting a lot about my most recent trip but not about local things, even though i live in New York City, which is rich with material.
    But i’ve been here for so long i’m just completely jaded!


    • Yes…I live in Cincinnati and we did this yesterday. I think people enjoy reading about interesting things no matter where you live and that there is beauty everywhere. I’ve never been to New York City and would love to hear more about it…from someone that lives there!


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