Pinterest–Chalkboard Bottom Wine Glasses

I completed another Pinterest DIY project.  Since I belong to a wine tasting club…and I love to drink wine, I thought this would be perfect for me.  The craft stores now have a new spray paint that makes your surface like a chalkboard.

  So…when sprayed on the bottom of your wine glass…you can then individualize each glass according to who’s drinking from it.The first step is to place painter’s tape around the stem and then I used alcohol on a paper towel to clean the rim.  I used a box in the garage and held each glass inside where I sprayed a light coat on each.



You need to let that coat dry for about 20 minutes and then spray again.





They turned out pretty well.  I need to look for chalk that has a smaller writing edge so I can make my writing look prettier.




The main ideas I get from Pinterest are recipes.  I’ve been cooking more now than I ever have since finding Pinterest!  I’ll post soon with my favorite recipes.

25 thoughts on “Pinterest–Chalkboard Bottom Wine Glasses

  1. I too am addicted to Pinterest and all the great ideas you can find. I have always pulled pictures out of magazines for ideas for interior design, art projects, cooking etc. and this is such a good way to do so without cluttering up every corner of my house…
    I love your wine glass project Sherry. I too love wine (preferably red) so I might have to do this …..but certainly not on the crystal wine glasses…(:


  2. I love your enthusiasm — and I’m such a Pinterest loser! I signed up totally because of you, and then have YET to post a single board. Or even look at the others. I think I’m about to be Pinter-ested. xoxoxob


    • You’ve been pretty busy changing the world Betty! I’m sure you’ll get to it. p.s. I gave your blog link to a girl living in Africa who does charity work…she was appreciative. I don’t think she’s heard of Heifer.


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