You have to start somewhere

I took my first art class on Saturday with Art by Jen in Montgomery, Ohio.  There was a Yodeal coupon online…so I discovered her through that.  I used a paint knife and started slapping the paint on the paper and finished in about 20 minutes (looks like it).  Jen explained that the first class is to mainly get used to applying paint and mixing colors.  Jen said a lot of people are afraid to use the knives.  I told her, life is messy, so I’m not looking for perfection any more!  She’s also offering a wine glass painting class…in fact she has another coupon today for that in Living Social.  I signed up for two other art classes with a guy in Mason, Ohio through Living Social.  Should be fun!  To change the subject…

I’ve been thinking about people and why they get bored with their lives and what types of behavior that leads to.  Such as affairs, over indulging or even addiction to food, alcohol, smoking, etc. etc.  I think it’s in our genes to be nomads to some extent and also we used to have to do more physical labor years ago…but we’ve made things easier for ourselves in that regard.  Instead, many people sit in front of computer screens, answer phones, sell products they know people don’t need or that they themselves don’t believe in. 

Just stuff I’ve been thinking about!

26 thoughts on “You have to start somewhere

  1. I like your painting. It might be rough, but it has lots of character and your vision embodied. There shouldn’t be much reason to be bored, when there are so many option to express oneself creatively. I think it’s great you are challenging yourself and set out to do things you haven’t done before. Such a positive post.


  2. great painting. Never be afraid to give anything a go. No right or wrong way . Don’t let judgement from yourself or others get in the way of creativity. Agree too. At 50 i also have so many things I want to do, but have to say my other half finds his escapism and nomadic instinct by immersing him in a book without having to leave his chair. 🙂


  3. I love that you got out and tried something new – and why not? You’re right, too many of us get stuck in a rut and become afraid of new adventures. Even though I can only draw stick people and have really no artistic abilities, I took an encaustic art class a couple months ago. What fun! And I actually made something that I am proud to hang on my wall – glad I took the chance.


  4. “The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Teddy Roosevelt Great post!


  5. Sherry, you are such an inspiration. So many of us don’t take that first step because we aren’t sure if it’s in the right direction. But, one step in the wrong direction is so much better than just standing still. You won’t find what’s right, if all you do is worry about making a mistake.


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