Life is Black and White for now

 My life is good.  I have had my share of “bad” things happen in my life, mostly to those I love, which has helped me learn that I have limited control over certain things.  I am a spiritual person…not religious… and agree with the message of the “Serenity Prayer”.  

This has usually helped me to handle the stress in my life in a more positive way.   I have everything I need.  My health.  I have friends and family (although a small one) a husband… one grown child (who still lives at home)…my parents are gone and I’m not close to extended family.  All of the basics (shelter/food/clothing)…I have gratitude for everything and know that I’m blessed.  If you read one of my most recent posts, “50 Things I Love”, you know that I receive pleasure from the simple things in life.  Why then do I feel a discontent…an almost constant pull to travel…need for an adventure…to find my purpose…and loneliness.  I’m free to make choices…am I settling…will I have regrets later?

 Working full-time while my son was growing up, left little time to “find myself”, and even less money to travel to far-away lands to learn about other cultures.  Although I loved being a mother, I remember feeling trapped much of the time.

 If you’re like me, there are a variety of messages that pass your way every day.  Blogs, books and even Pinterest speaks to me!  This was a message on Pinterest yesterday…

The only thing that makes it a part of your life
is that you keep thinking about it!


I signed up for messages from “The Universe” and here are some of the most recent—


Some think life is not so much a place to seek personal
happiness and fulfillment, Sherry, but rather a place to learn
 lessons and pay dues.  And so it is for them.  
Tallyho, The Universe


This one is telling me to have fun…enjoy life!

Get out, get out, get out even more, Sherry! Because there are
people you’ve yet to meet, laughs you’ve yet to share, stories
you’ve yet to live, and riches you’ve yet to tap into, that will not
find you under any other circumstances.
Besides, how else can I shower you with surprises? 
The Universe 


This one is telling me to go on that “trip around the world” that you’ve been wanting to take, but haven’t because you’re worried that you shouldn’t spend the money because you need it for retirement!  But then I’ll think, well I could teach English as a second language or house-sit, or couchsurf, or find other ways to make a living while traveling!

You don’t even have to know what you want, Sherry.
I’ll take care of that.  Just enjoy that you received another
day, and the 10,000 miracles within it.  It’s on me, 
The Universe 


This one is telling me to stop worrying about which direction to go…just do what makes you happy.  It’s not that complicated…stop over-analyzing and just have gratitude!

Often, Sherry, having what you want is a function of
letting go of what you have.  If you know what I mean.
The Universe 


This one is telling me again…to travel!!  I’ve already minimized possessions… 

What do you now fear, Sherry?
How will you use this?
You’re welcome, 
The Universe 


This one knows that I’m still analyzing and fearful about how big changes will affect me and those around me!

I bounce from different schools of thought…

the universe is giving me a sign…to

just envision what you want, take action, and you can manifest it…to

just meditate…it really doesn’t matter who or what is in your life…because you can control your thoughts and perceptions (Eckert Tolle)

 So….I’d love to hear from you…how do you handle these thoughts in your life?  I’ll leave you with more Black & White…


The Citadel in Cairo, Egypt - 2009


Stone hut on side of road in Peru - 2009

Dead Fish on ice at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Man weaving on beach on Roatan Island, Honduras - 2007

Sleeping man at outdoor train station in Egypt - 2009

Man at the Pyramids

Little girl in Petra, Jordan

58 thoughts on “Life is Black and White for now

  1. So proud of you, working through such a heart-wrenching set of decisions. It seems from your post and subsequent comments that in fact you do know what you want to do, why you’re lonely, why you feel pulled in another direction, yet the immediate consequences of following your heart might just break it. I have been there, making those decisions that make me happy but others miserable, and it is not easy. When you are on the other side of where you are now …. traveling the world and feeling, once again, like you are home …. your strength will be replenished. You deserve to be happy and others have to find and create their own happiness. Love reading (and looking at) your posts. 🙂


    • Hi Judy…I’ve actually taken that quiz before and know that has been happening for a while now (5 years). I’m coming to terms (accepting rather than constantly analyzing) with much of it. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and hope you have a great evening!


  2. Love your Blog and found a lots of common believes !! I agree with You , it is no control on life events , all depending on your soul needs and the Universe always knowing better than us .. What s good and not good and what our needs are in order for our soul to evolve !! This is despite the believe we may have to know the meanings of ” Good ” and ” Bad ” for us !!! only our Ego make us believe that we are in Control !! Everything it is happen , with time we understand that All it is in Our Best Interest !!!! I am talking from my own experience and the teachings of Kabbalah believe me are TRUE !!! I am in the same stage f Lfe as you … So 50 it is the Maturity and we know the Universe always talking to the ones ready to listen , not only to hear !!! For this it is a Big Need of Awareness !!! Much Love & Light and Thank You for visiting my Blog !! Keeping in touch !!! ❤:) by thé way you look fabulous !!!!!


  3. From my recent experiences, the more I let go of “how” things will happen the faster they have appeared. When stop asking for something to appear in a certain way, the best way appears. Also the path is often laid out step by step instead of a long view. This is challenging for me because I want to see the full path! Yet this forces me to have faith, to follow my heart, be engaged in the process but yet let go enough to allow it to happen.
    Life is definitely an interesting journey……


  4. Dead fish are never happy subjects, are they?

    Just curious, how does the Universe speak to you? Are you sleeping, meditating, or simple whispers in your ear? Nice to be so in touch with the Universe and her messages. I am one who rarely remembers my dreams, yet have had a few whispers in my ear while awake. Need to turn up the volume! 😉


    • Sometimes the Universe or God speaks to me with signs or some would say coincidences. Sometimes it’s with the number 3, 33, 333. Like they’re trying to get my attention — everywhere I look the numbers are there. On the clock, an address, on the someone’s site on the internet, a sign along the street, etc. 🙂


  5. Its been said that we, as a species, are not meant to sit still. Our couriosity of everything around us drives us. I often thnk that perhaps the Universe created Artists’ for that very purpose. It is our task to show those who can not or are not able or willing to explore with the opportunity to do so – if only from their couch,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and images – and thanks so much for your continued support in liking ‘Morning Light’ – it is encouraging 🙂


      • Hi Sherry,
        Perhaps you’ve been making yourself way too busy and you just need to sit still and alone with your thoughts? It might drive you nuts or it might clear a space to hear that wise inner voice?
        My car has been out of action and being forced to stay at home has made me very restless but it’s also cleared a space and forced me to think about things I’ve never contemplated before.
        I really like the way you express yourself when you write.


      • That’s part of the problem…I think I think too much. Trying to listen to my heart and not force anything. I’ve always been an action person. I’m glad you’ve been able to have time to contemplate! Thanks so much for the the nice compliment! Have a great day! Sherry


      • My problem also. Focusing on painting or music is good for not thinking, going into ‘the zone’ works for that if the monkey chatter in my brain can be subdued. Life has a funny way of imposing things on us that we need sometimes.
        Best wishes to you and thank you, I will have a better day. Now I’ve told you to paint I’d better go and work on mine 🙂


  6. Kudos on the B&W work. Very nice. I have a couple of digital cameras which I am fond of–but I have a Leica MP I bought in Italy a few years ago and if a machine could be loved, it would be this Leica. It is filled with black and white film, doesn’t get used as much as it used to, but the appreciation of the medium cannot be denied. (I particularly like the man at the pyramids image. Nice contrast of shades of gray, which is the art of B&W!)


    • Thanks D! The very odd thing is that particular post has gotten 3331 views today so far from people searching for “Serenity Prayer Tattoo”. I’ve never had that many views, except for the two times I was “freshly pressed”. Odd that you would look at the post today! S.


  7. It’s a good idea to save the savings for the future by not spending it, but you have to find the balance between your dreams and the reality.
    The reality is that we need savings for the future, but are we happy if we always worry about the future? I don’t think so. The another reality is that we need to realize our dreams. Are we happy if we have dreams, but we are not brave enough to realize those (or at least one)? I don’t think so.
    Don’t worry too much! Let you travel and explore Eastern Europe! 🙂
    (Okay, when somebody really wants, but can’t make his/her dreams come true, that’s another story.)
    My English is not so good, so I hope my ‘train of thought’ works here.


    • Thank you for giving me advice! I am going to travel and probably go to school in Prague to teach English as a second language. The difficult part is knowing I’ll need to get divorced. (We’ve been married twice now to each other) Also, leaving my 24 year old son. But I have to go where my heart takes me!


  8. Sherry, this post was such a lovely way to start my day. I will be coming back to it once in a while. You have expressed so many of the feelings that pass in and out of my mind every day and which I am struggling with in the turmoil of change that I am experiencing right now. Thank you for reminding me yet again to grasp the spiritual “handle” which will help guide me to make the right decisions.


  9. Listen to the signs of the Universe. We are here today. It´s all we know for sure. What we don´t do today, there is no way to know if we can do it tomorrow. I always say that with a first whisper I turned into 50 and that makes me suspect that with my second whisper I´ll be 100. So the time is now. Don´t think too much. Just do it. If you feel it´s right, if you feel it´s what you really want, do it. If you have doubts, do it.


  10. I loved your post..your photographs and your thoughts. I hope you find some peace in your future travel plans. I turn to music when I’m feeling up, down, angry or just trying to figure something out. I don’t always get my problem resolved but I usually feel so much better! Good luck!
    p.s. Have you every heard of the book, “Without Reservations, the Travels of an Independent Woman,” by Alice Steinbach? It’s a great read about a writer who takes a year leave of absence and travels by herself. I think she starts in Paris and then decides where she wants to go next from there. I loved it. : )


  11. I feel sure that you will make your way back to happiness (or rather, in and out of happiness, like all of us) … and I think your level of self-awareness is courageous and wonderfully inspiring! Life is difficult and I believe we all struggle to give it meaning, to feel some kind of peace, and to feel good about ourselves. You are so keenly attuned to beauty (look at your wonderful photos!) that I believe that will always be your anchor and your wings … Thanks for being my blogging friend!!!


  12. The only time it’s “too late” to do the things you “always” wanted to do, is when you life has reached its end. Doing something “later” than you had planned doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on it completely. You are someone who enjoys life and everything the world has to offer as much as you are able. Continue to make your dreams happen. And, of course, share your adventures with the rest of us.


  13. I struggle with this balance all the time. I’ve always taught my children (now college age) to be financially responsible because it is important to plan for retirement and the bumps in the road,but when my son moved out a year too early, in my opinion, to live with his friend (more like a brother to him) in a college town, and a year later the friend died in a construction accident, I was SO thankful that he made that decision, did not listen to me, and had a year’s worth of great memories. So I used that as a learning moment. I’m glad that I treated him as an adult and let him make his own decisions to what was right for him because what works for one person won’t work for another. For me what works is my decisions now are based on “do I want to do it so bad that I’m willing to make whatever sacrifices I need to make” and also to check myself and make sure that it is not only fear that is holding me back since I’m so fearful all the time 🙂


    • Hi Jody – Thank you so much for your words of wisdom! Like you said, there is a balance between taking certain calculated risks, but also being responsible…fiscally and in other ways. You’ve really helped me! Thank you again!


  14. Things have a way of unfolding in ways that you could never orchestrate or even think of , if your motives are pure and you rely on the Universe (or whatever power is out there or in here). One of my experiences with things falling into place in unexpected ways had to do with my transition back from 2 1/2 years in Ukraine…doors opened where I didn’t even suspect there were doors! Walking the Camino (1000K/40 days/alone) also made me aware of keeping my motives pure and knowing that if this is a rightful activity, the way wil open and there will be blessings like a fountain pouring forth water…even in dealing with disease and death, things unfold if we are alert and receptive.

    Life is Good….

    In Sunny SC


  15. Regarding going on that trip around the world, I found that all the worries you have before you leave, for instance about money or your future, instantly disappear once you are on the road. Things tend to just get figured out. The hardest part is making the decision to just do it! Once you do, everything else is easy. I hope you get to do what you want to do!


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