The Twilight Zone

I’d like to tell you a story about my adventures Wednesday evening.  I had plans to go out with a girlfriend and spend the night at her house, since she lives only 15 minutes from my work…versus a 50 minute drive from my house to work.  I’m on the phone with another girlfriend (so I was distracted) and I’ve only been to her house once before.  I received a text from my friend that she left the garage open, and to just come in.  I park on the street, gather all of my things, and

walk up to the garage.  I’m thinking…this is a little wierd…but I pull the single car garage door up–step in—and pull it back down.  I look to my right and there is a man standing there smoking a cigarette with a look on his face that spoke volumes–WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE.  I asked, “Is Cindy here?”  “No, I don’t know a Cindy!”  “Is this 4466?”  He replies, “Yes”, still looking at me like I had three eyes!  My mind is racing, trying to make sense of this.  I then asked, “Is this _____ Street?”  With relief in his voice, he replies, “No, that’s around the bend.  The street changes names and you just need to go back around the corner.”  After meekly apologizing, I promptly swung his garage door back up, stepped out…walked back to my car…threw everything back in and drove away.  The story doesn’t end here.

Needless to say, I was a little flustered.  So, instead of looking for 4466, I’m thinking it’s 4406.  I find the house, gather all of my things and as I’m walking up to the house, I think, Screw the garage…I’m going in through the front door!  I open the door and to my dismay, there is a man standing on a step stool with his back to me, hammering something into the wall and there are two dogs racing towards the door, barking ferociously.  Is this the twilight zone?  I shut the door and am trying to decide if I should knock and explain what happened…as I notice his silhouette at the window peering out.  Turning around, I retrace my steps, throw everything into the back seat and drive off, wondering if he’s trying to get my license plate number.  Oh my god…what a trip!  The third time was a charm…I made it to her house!

 To change the subject…

Since everyone liked my last black and white photos, I have more—do you think they look better without color?

Venice - 2010

The ceiling of a museum in Paris

a doorway in Portugal

A restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky

Kings Island, Ohio

A Tree

Procter & Gamble Towers in Cincinnati, Ohio


Another odd thing, I now have 303 followers and 33 facebook friends for my blog and the numbers, 3, 33, etc. have meaning to me!  I know…hocus pocus!

29 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone

  1. That sounds like a crazy adventure. I wonder what they guys thought, particularly the last one who never got an explanation. Would have been fun to hear his side of the story… Of the photos I particularly like the one from the amusement park at Kings Island, such a dynamic frame.


  2. This sounds like a chapter out of my life. Stuff like that happens to me all the time. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one.
    You must get your followers to 333 and let us know what happens that day. 😉


  3. Hi,
    I had to laugh about the guy in the garage, it sounds like he may have been hiding to have a smoke, and you frightened the living daylights out of him. 😆
    Happy to hear you finally reached your destination.
    Love the photos, they do look good in black and white.


  4. Really like your b&w photos Sherry, especially the one in Venice, and the one of you in Portugal in front of door # 63A. I always shoot color, but will try some b&w soon.
    Last week in Florida, I walked in to the wrong house. (The house I was looking for was converted to a public restaurant. The restaurant PARKING LOT was clearly marked, but the house was not marked.)


  5. That story made me laugh out loud because I have such similar luck. It’s so awkward when something like that happens! I feel for you but at least you are a friendly looking woman and not a scary person! I have significance with 3’s also, it’s just a good number 🙂


  6. Good story, great pictures. Good shots, you have a special magic for photography. A question …, what I’m fan number? A very funny post for a Friday…
    Sorry for my basic English…


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