Pinterest Obsession

I admit it!  I’m addicted to Pinterest!  My temporary job is pretty slow…so…it’s so much fun picking out cool things for my pin-boards.  I have the following boards:



Beautiful Photography/Art

Cool Ideas


Places I’d like to go

This is a photo I repinned from someone else’s board…of Bokod, Hungary…

Favorite Recipes



Things I like to do

Places I’ve been

This is a photo I took on an island in Lake Titicaca, Peru…

My Style


Products I love

Favorite Places and Spaces


See…I’m obsessed!  If you’d like to follow me…click on the button on the right for Pinterest.  I’ll follow you too!  I really enjoy design related things…maybe I can use that in a future endeavor somehow.  Anyway, I pinned two of my followers’ work (a painting and a photo) to Pinterest.  Everyone likes free promotion! 

If I don’t post before New Year’s…have a happy one!

20 thoughts on “Pinterest Obsession

  1. My sister has recently gotten me hooked on Pinterest as well, so I feel your pain! 🙂

    Thanks so much for liking my recent post! I love your blog and am going to be visiting regularly for sure


  2. I’m also obsessed with Pinterest right now. Isn’t it a great way to organize all the things you love and also to see that there are other people out there that share common interests?

    I am also learning a lot about my personal style. When you see all your pins together it puts a perspective on what attracts you at that moment. Right?


    • Yes. I was just thinking that I’m learning more about myself with all of the pins together. I follow a few boards of one lady that has 437 Boards, 68549 Pins and 13409 followers. It seems she has something for everyone!


  3. Funny, I just received my invite for Pinterest yesterday morning and got caught up in it right away. Then along came your post. Good to know that others are doing the same. Happy New Year.


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