It’s Like a Zoo Out Here!

The Cincinnati Zoo is ranked as one of the top 10 zoos in North America and has the nickname of “The Sexiest Zoo in America” because of their successful breeding programs!  It’s also the 2nd oldest zoo in America!

Having not visited in 15 years, I enjoyed going yesterday.  I also wanted to check out the annual “Festival of Lights” event, so I accomplished two missions!  When I’m on a mission that means I walk fast!  Here’s the Christmas tree upon entry…

The zebras are one of my favorite…

The pink flamingos don’t even look real…

The green on these birds is gorgeous!

Since we didn’t arrive until 4pm and only had an hour or two of day light…I didn’t take the time to learn the names of all of the animals we saw.  I really like this bird though…

These bats were fighting and I’m not sure what the ducks were doing…

The owl was one of my favorites…his colors and demeanor are outstanding!

The orangutan seemed to be posing for me…he froze in this position while I took multiple photos…and other primates seemed to run from my photos!

I always feel a little sorry for animals at the zoo…some don’t seem happy to be there!

Reindeer are cool!!

As you can see…night is coming…and the crowds!

There are over 2 million LED lights at the Zoo!

I used my new tripod for the first time and also tried my Olympus PEN on manual setting for the night shots.  My settings were 1/25 shutter, 4.5 F-stop, and 1000 ISO.  Photography is a true passion for me…I was looking forward to taking photos more than anything else!

The small lake had the prettiest display of lights.

You can see the ducks swimming in the reflection…

This is the tunnel you enter and exit through…very pretty!

I hope you enjoyed your tour and perhaps this will help get you into the holiday spirit!!

14 thoughts on “It’s Like a Zoo Out Here!

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  2. Amazing photos, I could not say which one is my fav, they are all gorgeous! I like going to a Zoo, but only if they treat the animals like they should (enough space, contact to others …). 🙂


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