A Toast to Toastmasters!


After attending the two-week Tour Director school in San Francisco in October, I realized that I needed to become more comfortable with public speaking.  I’ve been to three Toastmaster‘s meetings and just joined tonight.  I’ve given a 1 minute speech at each of the three meetings on topics that we’re given right then to speak about.

You also take on leadership roles to run the meeting which is a great way to get comfortable with leading.  I usually don’t have a problem being bossy…so hopefully this will come easy also!

I signed up for my first five-minute speech about myself in December.  It is becoming easier each time and I feel proud of myself for taking the steps necessary to grow in this area!

If you had asked me just two years ago if I would be doing public speaking, I would have said, “No way”!

One new quote I heard recently that I will incorporate into my speech will be: Your Attitude & Your Choices = Your Life!

5 thoughts on “A Toast to Toastmasters!

  1. Congratulations! You have just joined one of the most amazing groups … ever! I joined a few years. As a TV Producer I had mentored and trained many people to be in front of the camera and host events or speak in public. I was always behind the scenes and comfortable being there. When I lost my job I decided it was time to practice what I preached and put myself out there. Toastmasters was the answer for me. I have since earned my Competent Communicator, my Competent Leadership and was Toastmaster of the year for 2010, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
    I moved a few months ago so I am in search of a new club in my town, but if ever I can be of any help with your Toastmasters path please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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