Reasons to book a “Vacation Rental by Owner” VRBO

Whenever I travel, I typically book a “Vacation Rental By Owner” (VRBO) for lodging.  Some of the reasons why they are a superior choice over hotels are:

  • They are almost always less expensive;
  • They have a kitchen (full house);
  • You’re helping individual businesses…rather than large chains; and
  • You can usually find one located in a unique part of the City.

My girls’ weekend trip to Lexington, Kentucky this past weekend was no exception.  For a three bedroom 2 1/2 bath home, located in the Chevy Chase district of Lexington, just a few miles from the center of downtown, we only paid $475 for two nights, which included the house cleaning fee.  The next few photos are where we stayed…

This was the bedroom I slept in.

Everything was updated and we all loved the decor!

This eclectic bookstore was located down the street from our rental…as well as quite a few restaurants and other boutique stores!

In Cincinnati we have decorative pigs everywhere and in Lexington there are horses everywhere…

I stayed at another beautiful VRBO this summer in Seattle, Washington that was located on Puget Sound.  If you’d like to check it out…click here.

Hope your weekend is great!!

3 thoughts on “Reasons to book a “Vacation Rental by Owner” VRBO

  1. thanks for posting this!! we’re each renting cabins through owners for nye with friends/family, and are so excited to have a house to just kick back and relax in for a few days! we’ll keep you posted on how it turns out 🙂


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