San Francisco…Through the Eyes of a Future Tour Guide/Director

Part of our training to become a Tour Guide was conducted on a Motor Coach.  We were given a 25 page packet of information about San Francisco and instructed as homework to read, study and highlight pertinent information to prepare for our 5 minute turn in the hot seat!

So, one day we set out on a pre-planned route of San Francisco, by motor coach, hitting such hot spots as China Town, Ferry Building, Oakland Bay Bridge, Civic Center, Victorian homes, Alamo Square, Japantown, Twin Peaks, Haight Ashbury, Golden Gate Park and Bridge, Presidio, Lombard Street, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

We weren’t allowed to take notes up with us and we didn’t know which area we would have to talk about.  So…it was nerve wrecking!  The day before, we had the same tour, but one of ITMI’s employees “Amy” gave the commentary, to show us how it’s done.  Later that week, we did it once more for our final grade for the first week.  We stopped for restroom breaks/photo ops a few times, so the following are some photos I took:


This is the “Peace Pagoda” located in Japantown, given to San Francisco by the City of Osaka, Japan as a gesture of peace after WWII.

Both of the above photos were taken from Twin Peaks.

The two photos above were taken in the Japanese Tea Gardens.  One of the many things I learned in the past two weeks was that the Fortune Cookie originated with the Japanese (the Hagiwara family) that relocated to San Francisco to live in and take care of these Gardens.

Ladies and Gentlemen…the famous Golden Gate Bridge!!

Crossing over the Bridge…

The ceiling of the famous “Palace Hotel”.

An old lampshade in an Indian restaurant that we liked to go to…

Those of us who took the class most likely know more about San Francisco than residents do!

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