The Good – The Bad – The Wonderful

Looking back over the past four years, I realize how blessed I’ve been to have had some amazing experiences, learn new skills and obtain more knowledge in a variety of areas:


How to make a blog.  How to make a collage of my photos on Picasa.  How to embed slideshows from Flickr onto my blog.   How to utilize more functions on my digital camera.  How to upload videos on YouTube.  How to use iMovie, iDVD, iMac, iPod, iPad, iTunes, TomTom, Skype, and a smart phone.  More about Search Engine Optimization and Google.

First time experiences:

Taking a Segway tour.   Being hit by a car as a pedestrian in San Francisco.  Riding an Elephant, Camel and Donkey.  Sleeping on the Nile River, on a boat in the China Sea, in the Desert, on an overnight bus (ugh), on a plane overnight (ugh), in the Amazon jungle, and on an overnight train in Portugal and Egypt.   Learned Hot Yoga.  Smoking flavored tobacco from a hookah.  Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; through Petra, Jordan; in Cinque Terre; to the bottom of the Grand Canyon solo; to the top of Mt. Sinai; through Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Bryce and Zion Nat’l Parks.  Seeing the Pyramids.  Spending the night with a Peruvian family on an island of Lake Titicaca.  Getting an authentic Thai massage.  Taking a longboat ride on the Mekong River.  Trying new cuisines.  Swimming in the Dead Sea & the Red Sea.  Having a Turkish Bath/Massage.  Getting Botox.  Sand boarding & jeep riding in the desert.  Playing soccer with locals in Peru.


Egypt/Jordan, Peru, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Spain, France, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Dominican Republic, New England road trip (solo), California by Amtrak (solo), Alta, Utah (snow skiing), cruise (Belize, Roatan Island, Grand Cayman, Cozumel (solo)), Las Vegas (solo), Costa Rica, numerous hikes/camping throughout Kentucky and Ohio (with hiking club), Florida, Chicago, and Nashville, TN.


Making…Broccoli Venison Over Rice and Roast Venison Over Veggies from this site.  Lots of new recipes from the Pioneer Woman.  Taking a cooking class in Thailand.

Meeting new people:

In addition to many new friends through, I’ve met people from England, Morocco, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Amsterdam, Gibraltar, Egypt, Jordan, Peru, and Thailand.

I have gone through many of life’s biggest stresses: moving (3 times), divorce, remarriage, job loss, family members with addiction issues and illnesses, and the death of my father.  I’ve acquired more: Compassion, spirituality, gratitude, patience and tolerance.

I have a feeling that the next four years will be as wonderful as the last!

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