I picked up my friend “Claire” from England at the O’Hare Airport in Chicago on Friday and drove to the Sheraton Gateway Suites, which is located a couple of miles from the Airport.  I met Claire in Bangkok, Thailand back in December on a trip that I took through GAP Adventures through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.  Although this is Claire’s first visit to America, she spent the past year traveling through 21 countries on the other side of the pond.  The first six months were with her boyfriend, but that much togetherness is difficult…so they parted ways and she traveled the remaining time on her own.  Planning the trip took a couple of years because they were driving a Land rover and had to research having it shipped from India to Malaysia.  Their set-up was quite elaborate.  There was a tent that opened on top of the vehicle with a ladder for access.

This is Claire…she’s single and loads of fun!!

Some people may think it’s crazy to invite someone who you barely know to stay with you for a couple of weeks…but I think it’s a great way to extend hospitality!

We took the Blue Line train to the Jackson stop (approx. 50 minutes) and went to the top of the Willis Tower aka Sears Tower.  There are a few plexiglass ledges to walk out on…for us thrill seekers.

We then walked to the Millennium Park which is fascinating for children and adults!

We didn’t expect Sylvester to spray water!

This sculpture was also quite entertaining…


That’s me on the right in the center…taking the photo!

Claire was surprised at how clean and vibrant the City was…and most of all how friendly Americans are!!

One thought on “Illusions

  1. Love your photos Sherry, especially the ones of the giant chrome sculpture: Cloud Gate. I am glad that your trust in plexiglass is still intact!


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