California Angels

My first solo trip was to California in 2006′.  I planned my itinerary to spend two nights in each spot…San Francisco…Napa ValleyYosemiteSan Diego.  It was only $125 total to travel by Amtrak trains and buses to each destination.


I had a few hours to explore San Fran when I arrived…so of course I took the famous trolley…went to the pier…walked through China town, etc. etc.  The next morning I was on a tour bus to see John Muir Woods, and needed to throw a coffee cup away.  The bus driver said I could run across the street to a garbage can.  I didn’t even see the car that hit me.  I flew onto the hood of the car, bounced onto the ground and remember thinking my hand and behind hurt.  Immediately I stood up and looked at the driver of the car.  His eyes were bulging with shock and people started flocking around me.  A woman with a cell phone was trying to get me to sit down…I kept saying I was O.K.  Within a couple of minutes an ambulance appeared and they asked who the accident victim was!

After spending four hours in San Fran General…where they wanted to cut my clothes off…no way…I was famished.  I had a taxi driver take me to a restaurant and phoned my husband with the news.  In a distressed voice, he said, “Come home now” to which I replied, “No way, this is the beginning of my trip!”    The only sign that I had been hit was a red mark on my forearm the size of a pea!   I do believe in Angels!

Two days later in Napa Valley I took a 6 hour winery tour with “Napa Winery Shuttle”.  The next morning I had a huge bruise on my leg…one too many sips!

 I met a lovely girl from London on the bus to Yosemite.  She had planned to stay at a hostel 45 minutes from the entrance and since my room at the Lodge had two beds, I invited her to join me.  We had a wonderful time hiking the following day…13 miles…and biking the next!  I don’t know if it was me or what…but I met people every where…on trains, buses, airplanes, airports, train stations, etc.

My last stop was San Diego, where I stayed at the Bahia Resort.

California was everything I had imagined it to be!!

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